Your dump trailer is a crucial piece of equipment. It empowers you to work smarter, not harder. It saves time, energy, and in turn money. It's a valuable investment! But even the highest quality equipment eventually sees wear and tear that affect its performance. Some dump trailer maintenance you can handle on your own. We rounded up the top beginner's maintenance tips below. For the more advanced maintenance tasks, bring your trailer into Scott's Recreation. We offer trailer repair and parts replacement services and proudly serve those in the state of Maine. 

Before You Begin

The best place to start is grabbing your owner's manual. Consult this as your first resource. Your dump trailer manufacturer knows the trailer inside and out and will be able to offer the best insight. It will guide you in buying the right supplies and anything you should consider before attempting any maintenance or repairs on your own.

The Battery

One great advantage of dump trailers, compared to other trailers, is that they come equipped with their own battery. But that does mean you will need to do all the typical battery maintenance work, which involves checking and charging it every so often. If you end up needing to do a trickle charge, try to do this over a weekend instead of overnight. 

It's also good to note that the battery is typically stored in the same area that the hydraulics system is located. If your battery begins leaking (which can often happen because it's not fully charged), it will affect the parts of your dump trailer's control center. If you start noticing that the bed doesn't lift as normal, a good place to start is checking for excess fluid in the área.

The Tires

Dump trailers are just like any other vehicle in that you need to dedicate time to inspect your tires. They are a crucial part of the safe and efficient functioning of your trailer. It starts with the proper tire pressure. Use a tire pressure gauge to measure the levels of your tires and make sure they match what is recommended in your owner's manual. As you inspect the tire pressure, glance at the state of your tires as well. See if you can spot any damage, any uneven wear, or any excessive wear. You never want to use equipment with damaged tires.

The Hydraulic System

Another key thing that sets dump trailers apart is the hydraulics involved with raising and lowering the bed. Remember that a leak often signals a battery that isn't charged. We recommend starting there if you notice system leakage. If the hoist of your dump trailer gets stuck in the up position, you will want to look for a square-shaped coil and round shaped coil on the pump. Then see if you can loosen the nuts of each coil and switch them. This may allow you to lower the bed enough to get the dump trailer inspected by a professional. But this is a temporary fix until you get help, so try to avoid permanently operating the lift with this method. After you get it repaired, you should only need automatic transmission fluid to fill the tank.

Our guide covers the basics of dump trailer maintenance, but of course, there are many problems that could go wrong with equipment. When you encounter something beyond your experience level, you will want to bring it into Mississippi Truck & Trailer Repair in Rock Island, IL. .


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